Manuel Ruiz Vida, peintures / pinturas


Rédigé par Manuel Ruiz Vida

Manuel Ruiz Vida

Born in Valenciennes 1970 (France)

Live and work in France


1996               National Diploma of Plastic Arts

                       Dunkerque Regional School of Fine Arts

1998               National Superior Diploma of Plastic Expression

                       Dunkerque Regional School of Fine Arts

Professional Experiences

2011               Artistic intervention St Cyprien Cultural Center, Toulouse (France)

2009               Artistic intervention to the IUFM center, Douai (France)

2008               Artistic intervention to the International School of Beijing Films Academy,

                       Beijing (China)

                       Artistic intervention to the Chinese University of Hong- Kong

2007               Artistic intervention to the IUFM Center of Douai (France)

2006               Artistic intervention to the Young City and the Jules Ferry school, Arques (France)

2006               Artistic intervention to the André Malraux school, Lambres les Douai (France)

2005               Artistic intervention to the Camille Claudel college, Fourmies (France)

2003               Artistic intervention to the studio 2 / Francine Masselis Space,

                       Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)

1997               Training period to the Museum of Modern Art of Villeneuve d’Ascq ,

                       « Retrospective Alighiero e Boetti »     

1995               Training period to the SMAAK, Museum of Modern and Contemporary

                       Art of Gand (Belgium) « This is the show and the show is many things »

1991/ 94         Activities in plastic arts, studio for children, city of Marly (France)

1989               Training period of drawer and model maker, Atoll Publicity,

                        Valenciennes  (France)                                   

Personal exhibitions

2013             Indicible variation, Depardieu Gallery, Nice

2012             First material, La Casa Elizalde, Cultural Center, Barcelona (Spain)

2011             Empty attraction, St Cyprien Space Cultural Center,Toulouse (France)

2010             Manuel Ruiz Vida  Culture house of Tournai, (Belgium).

                     La sécu, contemporary art space, Lille (France)

2009             Artistic residence in Roma, Italia, wicar foundation, city of Lille

                      E.R.O.A, IUFM center of Douai  (France)

2008             Jenseits Des Realen / Beyond the Real, Kunsthalle,

                     Contemporary Art Museum, Rostock (Germany)  

                     French Institute in Rostock (Germany)

                     Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

2006             Jacques Prévert Space, Mers les Bains (France)

                     Ruggedness, The Platform, Dunkerque (France)

                     Vauban Humanis Group, Lille (France)

                     Archives Center of Working World, Roubaix (France)

 2005            Frédéric Storme Gallery, Lille (France)

                     Camille Claudel City school, Fourmies (France)

2004             Art Center Espace Lumière, Henin-Beaumont (France)

2003             The panting and his object, Atelier 2 gallery / Francine Masselis  Space

                     Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)

                     Robespierre Gallery, Grande- Synthe (France)

2002             Vain Appearances, Frontières Gallery, Hellemmes (France)

2000             V.R.A.C n° 3, Bayart Factory, Roubaix (France)

1998             Le Huchon water castle, daytime of the patrimony, Roubaix (France) 



Collective exhibitions

2015             MASSILIAZOOM, Festival of social movie, Cinema The Gyptis, Marseille

2014             Depardieu Gallery, Nice

2012             Collection of summer, MLC Studio gallery, Vains- St Léonard (France)

                     Lille Art Fair, international contemporary art fair, Grand Palais, Lille (France)

                     XXV111 International Festival, Sarajevo  Winter

                     Turkish Cultural Center Sarajevo, (Bosnie- Herzégovine)

2011             Launch of the collection of the art library Roma

                     Espazio Torre Argentina, Roma. (Italia)

                     25 Great Pictural Prize of  Saint-Grégoire- 35 (France)

                     Museum of the Augustins, Hazebrouck, (France)

                     Art Kunst, Maritime Comunautary Center, Brussels, (Belgium)

2010             Flanders departmental Museum ( permanents collections) Cassel, (France)

2009             Escape(s) in/from Beijing, Plasticals and visuals art center, Lille (France)

2008             Escape(s), Beijing Today Art Museum, with Ma Han, Bertrand Gadenne ,

                     Elsa Gaudefroy, Beijing (China)

                     By Sacrifice, Flanders Departemental Museum, Cassel (France)

2007             Hear and Now, Vaucelles Abbey (France)

                     Trajectories , Raison d’art contemporary art gallery, Lille (France)

2006             Jacques Prévert Space, Mers les Bains (France)

                     Pas si loin, but so close, Saint Mathieu Chapel, Morlaix, Britain (France)

                     Flanders Landscapes, from infinitesimally small to infinitesimally big,

                     CAUE du Nord, Lille (France) catalogue 

                     A spring for the Tossée, Carding La Tossée, Tourcoing (France)

2005             Surface, Art and communication house, Sallaumines (France) catalogue

                     Transparency Ephemerals, Cassel (France)

2004             Letzebuerger Artisten Center, Contemporary art show, (Luxembourg) 

                     Huntenkunst, Contemporary art show, Doetinchem (Nederlands)

                     Watch this space 2, Hospice d’Havré Maison Folie, Tourcoing (France)

                     Di Franzen Kommen,  Bij de Boeken gallery, Ulft (Nederlands)

                     Red Box Art Center, Barjols, Var (France) catalogue

                     Art Event Show, Lille 2004 Grand Palais, (France)

2003             Hoppeland, Ghasthuiskapel, Poperinge (Belgium)

                     Passage, University of Courtrai, (Belgium)

                     If  Possible, the platform, Dunkerque (France)

                     Zu Hause, Castel of Rhoon (Nederlands)

                     2000 and 3 picturesx... , Museum of fine arts, Tourcoing (France)

2002             Among friends, entre amis, French alliance Rotterdam (Nederlands)

                     Art 2000, Contemporary Art Show, Auteuil space, Paris (France)

                     ;;.,., ,,. :., ;, The platform, Dunkerque,  particular house, Lille (France)

                     V.R.A.C n°8, Dubar-Dekien court, Roubaix (France)

2001             FABBRICA, Happening /Installation in the city of Dunkerque (France)

2000             F.T.C gallery, Dunkerque (France)

1999             The school is finished,  Régional School of Fine Arts, Dunkerque (France)

1997             The Colour Trophies , Cirque d’hiver, Paris (France)

1996             Face Exhibition with Bruce Nauman ,Philippe Bazin, Tobaccos Warehouse,

                     Dunkerque (France)

Publications, articles

                      Ulrich Ptak,  A  Studio Visit, in the exhibition catalogue of the Kunsthalle,

                      Rostock 2008

                      Aude Cordennier, Beyong The Real, in the exhibition catalogue of  

                      the Kunsthalle Rostock 2008

                      Collect Arts Antiques Auctions, n° 388 feb 2008, Belgium

                      Guy Gilsoul  An Industrial Universe, in Le Vif Express, for the exhibition in

                      the Fred Lanzenberg Gallery 2008, Brussels

                      Claude Lorent  Pictural Power, in La Libre Belgique, for the exhibition in the

                      Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Brussels 2008

                      Yves de Vresse Heavy Threat, in diary n° 1113, for the exhibition in the

                      Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Brussels, dec 2007

                      Laurence Boitel for the exhibition to the Vauban Humanis Group, Lille 2006

                      Sandrine Vézilier in the catalogue for the exhibition, Flanders Landscapes,

                      from infinites imal small to infinitesimally big, Lille 2006                                         

                      Anne Giraud, in the catalogue for the exhibition Surface, Sallaumines 2006        

                      Olivier Cena,The time at work, in Télérama n° 2868, jan 2005

                      Françoise Objois, Manuel Ruiz Vida The painting before all thing, in sortir Lille,

                      for the exhibition to the Frédéric Storme Gallery, feb 2005  

                      Tristan Trémeau, for the exhibition to Espace Lumière, oct 2004                      

                      Watch this space, in 50° north, n°4, june 2004 

                      Olivier Cena, The work of time, in Télérama n° 2813 for the exhibition to

                      the Studio 2, dec 2003

                      Laurence Boitel, The painting and his object, for the exhibition to the Studio 2,

                      Villeneuve d’Ascq, Nov 2003

                      Le phare, Dunkerque, jan 2003

                      Artistic participation in a medium length film Plateau, 2003

                      Watch this space, in special issue 50° North, oct 2002


                      Watch this space 3, catalogue, 2006

                      Cultures in site, artistic and cultural review n°1, text: Olivier Cena, Roubaix 2006  

                      Lithography original creation, Franck Bordas Studio (in duplicate 110)

                      Paris, dec 2004

                      Cd rom impression Huntenskunst, Doetinchem (Nederlands), 2004

                      Postal card impression, Roubaix 2003

                      Short Stories Festival, illustration for a Jean Paris short story, Saint- Quentin 1991

Grant, residences and prize

                       Wicar Foundation, residence in Roma (Italia) with Lille city, july/ sept 2009

                       Residence in Beijing, China ( Fine Arts and Visuals Center, with Lille City,

                       CULTURESFRANCE,Regional Council of Nord-Pas de Calais)

                       1er oct/ 10 nov 2008

                       Residence in Masnières in the Haut-Escaut Valley, fev/June 2007

                       Residence in Rostock Germany

                       Hoppeland  Picture Prize, Poperinge (Benelux / Nord-Pas de Calais) 2003 

                       Individual Aid Research for the Creation, Ministery of the Culture, D.R.A.C

                       Nord-Pas de Calais, 2002


                        -  "Récipient" 2007, private collection, Nice (Fr)

                        - "Réservoir" 2002 Private collecion, London (UK)

                        - "Sculpture n°3" 2006  Private collection, Brussels (Bel)

                        - "Masnières" 2005/2007  Private collection, Brussels (Belg)

                        - "Récipient" 2006 Private collection, Roma (Ita)

                        - "Récipient" Lythographie. Private collection, Albi (Fr)

                        - "La salle d'exposition" 2004  Télérama collection, Paris (Fr)

                        - "Sans titre" 1998  Private collection, Paris (Fr)

                        - "Passage"2005, three pictures Private colllection, Paris

                        - "Récipient bleu" 2003  Private collection, Bordeaux (Fr)

                        - "Récipient jaune" 2003/2004 Private collection, Bordeaux (Fr)

                        - "Sombra y Luz" 2011 Private collection, Bordeaux (Fr)

                        - "glider  over the studio" 2003 Private collection, Toulouse (Fr)

                        - "Sculpture n°4" 2006  la pluie d’oiseaux , Crossing Museum,

                            Museum of contemporary arts Sulaimany (Kurdistan Irak)

                         - "Passages" 2005/2007 Flanders departmental Museum, Cassel (Fr)

                        - "Sculpture n°9" 2009  City of Lille collection (Fr)

                         - "Passage" 2005  Lasécu, contemporary art centre. Lille (Fr)

                         - "Passage" 2001/2002  Rabot Dutilleul Group collection, Lille (Fr)

                         - "Récipient" 2002 Private collection, Lille (Fr)

                         - "Récipient" 2002 Private collection, Lille (Fr)

                         - "Récipient" 2003  Private collection, Lille (Fr)

                         - "Passage" 2002 Private collection, Lille (Fr)

                         - "Passage" 2005 Private collection, Merignies (Fr)

                         - "Passage" 2005 Private collection, Mers Les Bains (Fr) 

                         - "Récipient n°2"  2002  Evin collection group, Avelin (Fr)

                         - "Récipient" 2006 - "Structure" 2005  Vermeulen S.A collection,

                             Tourcoing (Fr)

                         - "Sans titre" 2007 Fondation Plage pour l'art entreprise, Wasquehal (Fr)

                          - "Récipient" 2002 Private collection, Tourcoing (Fr)

                          - "Passage" 2005, "Sans titre" 2007 Private collection, Roubaix (Fr)

                          - "Passage" 2002  Private collection, Roubaix (Fr)

                          - "Sans titre" 1998  Sergiane Cauwel gallery, La colle sur Loup (Fr)


                          Masnières, 19mn, video realised during the residence

                          in the Haut- Escaut Valley, 2007

                          Beijing subway, 12,20 mn video realised during the residence in Beijing, 2008

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